The built-in console is part of the editor and helps to investigate and resolve issues that occur when writing and executing actions. It is located in the footer at the bottom left-corner of the editor.

Debugging actions

The console shows logs, errors and warnings that are registered within the actions of your app. If you have been working with dev tools in your browser before, the console will feel very familiar to you.

It support the following methods:

For example, if you want to log the current value of a variable, you can simply console.log the variable and inspect its content in the console.

Additionally, the console logs errors in your code and points to the respective action and line in the code. In this example, we have a syntax error, a missing closing parenthesis. The number of errors in the console are displayed next to its launcher. At the end of the error's line, the action and line is mentioned and you are directed to it upon clicking it.

The console can be cleared by clicking on the broom icon.

Additionally, the timestamps of the errors can be toggled on and off by marking the checkbox on the top left of the console.

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