Table preview

While the primary purpose of data management is the configuration of external data sources, it also allows you to explore the content of these data sources.

When you click on a table in the navigation, you will see a brief preview of your data. By default, we fetch the first 500 records. The table is paginated which will allow you to browse through your dataset. The column header is fixed and the table is scrollable vertically and horizontally. You can refresh the content of your table anytime via the refresh button in the bottom right corner.

Spreadsheet sources

Contrary to table-based data sources, spreadsheets allow you to set values in any cell in the sheet which can result in multiple table or table-like structures in one sheet. At the moment we only allow to display one table per sheet. We automatically infer the starting and ending cell of the table using heuristics. If your table is not correctly displayed, try putting it in a proper table format with column headers and rows without any cells that are not part of the table content above it.

Disable preview

To allow you to preview your data, we automatically fetch the schema and a preview of the table content from your data source. For users that are mindful about the number of queries or API calls that are made to their data source, we provide an option to deactivate the table preview and schema fetching in the data source configuration.

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