Uify is built to be used collaboratively. The value of your workspace increases dramatically when apps are shared with other users. To ensure your collaborators can only access what they need to, we have a two-level granular permission system.

Inviting users

To share access to your workspace, you can invite individual users in your workspace Settings. You can access the settings via the dropdown when clicking on your workspace's name. The user management can be found under Users. To invite new users, you simply add their email addresses in the uppermost input field. On the right, you can select the workspace role from a dropdown. We differentiate between three different roles:

  • Admin: Allows the user to do anything in the workspace, including accessing all apps, sharing their access and accessing their editor, managing apps and folders and inviting new users to the workspace and changing their access rights.

  • Creator: Gives the user the right to access all apps shared with them (acc. to app level permissions), create new apps and access and manage the data management.

  • User: Can only access apps shared with them (acc. to app level permissions).


See folders with access to at least one app

Create and manage folders

Create apps

Manage data sources

Access and manage any app

Manage workspace settings

Manage users and workspace permissions

Access to the workspace can be revoked by setting a user's status from "Active" to "Deactivated". If a user hasn't answered your invite yet, the status column says "Invite pending". In the dropdown, you can choose to delete the invite or resend it. A user's access level can be changed in the column bearing the same name - you can choose any of the three access roles presented above.

Sharing apps

Once a user is invited to the workspace, they can be given granular access to your apps. You can access the app-level permissions when clicking on the lock icon in the header of an app or on Permissions in the context menu of an app. You select any workspace user (including users who haven't signed up via their email) from the dropdown to share access to your app and click on Invite. Additionally to the access rights of individual users, you can see and set the access level of All users. Admins always have full access to all apps in the workspace. This cannot be adapted. Lastly, you can see your own access level.

There are three access levels for an app:

  • Full access: Allows the user to access the editor to build or modify apps and share them with other users.

  • Build: Allows the user to access the editor to build or modify apps but not to share them with other users.

  • Use: Only allows the user to use the apps. The user will not have access to the editor and cannot share the app with other users.

ActionUseBuildFull access

Use and see app in navigation

Comment in app

Access app editor (incl. previewing and deploying)

Manage app settings

Share app and manage access rights

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