For sensitive connection details that you don't want to expose to other users, we allow you to specify secrets. Secrets are not exposed after their initial creation but can be used by any user when filling out the data source configuration. The secrets are stored and inserted in the backend and never touch the frontend.

Creating and modifying secrets

You can maintain your secrets in the workspace settings. You can find the settings by clicking on the dropdown next to the workspace name and then on "Settings". Here you will find a section Security Settings that includes the subsection Secrets.

You can create a new secret by clicking on "Create new secret". There you can specify a name and a value. After creation the only the name and the timestamps of its creation and last update are available. You can delete the secret via the context menu and edit it. When you want to update the value of your secret, the current value is not exposed, i.e. you can only add a new one. The name of the secret is immutable.

Using your secrets

When you want to connect a data source, some configuration details can be filled in using your previously specified secrets. The secret is available in any input that has {{ at the end of its field. Clicking on it opens up a dropdown from which the secret can be selected.

Additionally, we allow you to insert the secret manually by typing {{secrets.<name-of-my-secret>}} where <name-of-my-secret> is the name of your secret.

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