You can connect to your BigQuery data warehouse to explore data, combine them with other data sources and build apps on top of them as a data foundation.

Connecting to your BigQuery Warehouse

To connect your BigQuery data warehouse, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Data Management and click on "New source" to create a new data source.

  2. Select BigQuery from the list of available data sources.

  3. Name your data source connection and provide the connection details:


Auth type

The authentication runs through a Service Account.

JSON credentials

After downloading the credentials of your Service Account as a JSON file, you can paste the file content here to authenticate the account.

Regional classifier


Dataset used for all table names in your custom queries that are not tied to a specific dataset.

  1. Click on "Test connection" to ensure that your connection works reliably and save your data source connection with "Connect".

An existing connection can be adapted by clicking on the data source connection. You will see the configuration details from the initial setup again. The credentials are not made visible. However, you can overwrite the existing credentials with new ones by activating the toggle Update JSON credentials.

Note: You can configure the data source for two different environments, Staging and Production. You can find more information about it here.

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