You can connect to your Salesforce instance to explore data, combine them with other data sources and build apps on top of them as a data foundation.

Connecting to your Salesforce instance

To connect your Salesforce instance, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Data Management and click on "New source" to create a new data source.

  2. Select Salesforce from the list of available data sources.

  3. Click on "Connect to Salesforce" and confirm the access request to your instance when redirected to Salesforce. After (potentially logging in and) clicking "Allow" you will be redirected back to the configuration page.

  4. Save your Salesforce connection with "Connect".

Note that, additionally, we allow you to connect to a sandbox instance if you don't want your production database to be linked to Uify. This is especially advisable for the staging environment if you decide to setup a staging and a production environment. You can find more information here about how the different environments work.

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